Favorite places

As well as the excellent clothing and jewelry available, we recommend a visit to the stained glass workshop in Ensenada - we have several fine examples in the house.

The market in La Bufadora, featuring some of its more unusual wares.

dance in ensenada There is always something going on outsidet the Museum of Art in Ensenada, and inside you will find the most amazing pictures. Its free to visit.

Back at home. dinner, featuring some local fresh lobster

We hope to be able to welcome you to Tortuga Junction soon.

For information email: bajabnk@yahoo.com or phone 619 270 2389

Here's a map of the area, to give you some idea of where we are.

To find out more about the area, have a look at these good web sites:


And for further info and links:

Our friends in England have produced an excellent beginners Pilates DVD especially aimed at older people and we can say that it has helped us stay mobile and fit.


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